Candles have been one of the most useful innovations for humans. Throughout the generations we used candle for the purpose of enlightening our abode but electricity has taken over. Usually whenever an innovation loses its use, people end up forgetting it but candles provide more than just light and thus they still exist.

A candle is more like an awakening, seeing the swift swaying of spark is a calming. We have always associated fire to be violent and dangerous, but the same fire in a lamp or a candle looks peaceful. It reminds us that everything has a calmer, more positive side to it. So, candles were used for other purposes like spreading fragrance across a room by just lighting the wax.

Today, candles are used worldwide for and as home décor and home fragrance products. Compact and easy to use, they are also used during meditation, yoga and spa sessions. A lot of people might wonder why candles? The answer is simple, everything that’s rustic has more peace associated to it.

Candles are found in various shapes, sizes and scents. Colarge aims to bring out a variety of these candles for their customers. We specifically deal with Pillar Candles, Container or Jar Candles, Votive Candles and Floating Tea Light Candles.