Colarge started off as a passion and hard work driven company where home fragrance items of good quality, quantity and creativity at affordable prices were available in bulk. We might have entered into the business a bit late but are here to stay forever by seeping into the hearts of our clients through our products and services.

Our Energetic Team

Our team works like a close-knit family. Everyone here has the same motto, i.e. customer satisfaction. Having a similar goal has helped our company grow drastically within a few months since its development. Every team member contributes to the company with their expertise and creativity. Team is always willing to help clients as and when possible.

Colarge's Mission

Colarge constitutes a group of vision and mission aiming people.

Our Mission is based on 3P’s :

Precision, Perfection and Punctuality. Customers and client grievances should be adhered to and their request should be heard precisely. Every product, no matter how small in quantity, should be delivered to the client perfectly. Last but definitely not the least important part, punctuality, all clients should be dealt with keeping the importance of their time in mind. Wasting their time equals to wasting our time which isn’t fruitful. Abiding by these 3P’s is our long-term mission.

Our Vision is to innovate new home fragrance products, and spread smiles through our services.